Metapus' time exchanges' Time Bank 'begins review of implementation of ICO at Tech Bureau's' COMSA'
- Tokenizing the concept of time with block chain technology to realize further fluidization -

October 6, 2017

Tech Bureau Inc.

To the press, please

About Metapops Co., Ltd. (headquartered in Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Koyo Sato, hereinafter "Metapus") is a time trading house "Time Bank" where time can be traded in units of 10 seconds, Tech Bureau We began studying ICO using ICO solution "COMSA" provided by "Tec Bureau" (hereinafter "Tec Bureau"). We will negotiate implementation as soon as possible within the year as well as next summer.

Time Bank's ICO

Metapus has been proving the possibility that numerous experts will sell that time since the timebank service started and the value of time will create a new big market. In the future, we plan to maximize the value of everything such as things and facilities, not limited to expert time.

URL of iOS application of Time Bank:

Meanwhile, the amount of global procurement by ICO in 2017 exceeds 250 billion yen in total, forming a new economic zone with tokens. Although we can see only the amount of money, the tokenization of assets by ICO greatly reduces its flow cost and has the possibility to extend its use area all over the world to the world in a stroke.

In this time, by using the Tech Bureau's COMSA solution which already has over 190,000 registered users from the world, by implementing ICO in time bank, tokens the concept of time with block chain technology We will aim to expand the use market and to liquidize time.

Functions that can improve the convenience of users in conjunction with the growth of services, such as tokens that are linked with the average price of all time handled in time banks and tokens that can receive discounts on various fees according to usage records I assume.

the next deployment

We will begin designing functional designs of tokens and preparing white papers, and we will consider concrete implementation of ICO as early as 2017 at the latest in 2017 at the latest.

Details concerning this matter will be announced from time to time.

■ What is ICO

ICO stands for "Initial Coin Offering" and refers to a method for procuring funds by issuing electronic tokens and selling them. However, it does not actually transfer equity such as equity, but simply token sales like just purchase type cloud funding, and strictly speaking, it is not a "fundraising" method but "virtual currency Issuing and selling method "will be. The purchasing side is actually "token purchaser", not "investor" who invests in the project. These tokens become "virtual currency" if they circulate in general through handling at the virtual currency exchange.

■ About "Metapusu" Inc. (Web site )

Metapus is a company that aims at reinventing money and economy by making use of technology. We have set FinTech strategy as the priority investment area, and we are proceeding with aggressive business development in six fields of "settlement, currency, loans, investment, insurance and management".

【Company Profile】

Company name: Metaps Inc.
Established: September 3, 2007
Location: Nishi Shinjuku 6 - chome, Nishi Shinjuku, Tokyo Capital : 9,343
million yen (capital Including reserves)
Business description: Consumer business, finance business, marketing business

■ About "Time Bank" (Web site )

Time Bank is a marketplace where you can buy and sell various "hours". Users can purchase, use, sell, and possess the time that professionals sell, and experts can change the gap time into earnings. The Time Bank mission is to change people's way of working and how to live through the creation of "time market" that can effectively utilize various vacancies.

URL of iOS application of Time Bank:

■ About "Tec BULLO Co., Ltd." (Web site )

Tek Bureau is a Crypto-Fintech Lab (Crypto-Fintech Lab.) That is developing software and services based on cryptographic currency technology and block chain technology. In addition to "mijin" and "Zaif", we also offer contract development and consulting services to introduce block chain technology.

【Company Profile】

Company Name: Tech Bureau, Corp.
Established: June 16, 2014
Location: Osaka Prefecture Osaka City 1-4-1 Nishihonmachi Nishi-ku Orix Honcho Building 4F
Capital: 24 Billion ¥ 31 million (including capital reserve)
Business description: Virtual currency exchange office, block chain product development, ICO solution provision

■ About "COMSA" (Web site )

"COMSA" is a comprehensive block chain solution that can simultaneously implement "ICO (= Initial Coin Offering)" procurement of funds using the issue and sale of tokens and introducing various block chain technologies. It is the only service in the world that allows you to use one-stop services from issuing and selling tokens, listing on "Zaif" exchanges, and building internal accounts with "mijin".

【Contact Information (press agency window)】

Metapops Corporation Corporate Planning Division Officer: Kenji Sugisaki E-mail:
Tech Bureau Inc. Contact: Fujita Tel: 06 (6533) 2230 / E-mail:

* Product names in the text are trademarks or registered trademarks of each company.

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