[COMSA Support Center] We are about to close the special 14% bonus period

This is COMSA support center.

We will soon close the special 14% bonus period at 13:59 JST on October 4th, 2017.

The bonus is 14% on your purchase price. We offer this special bonus plan 3 days only, from October 2nd 14pm to 4th 14pm (JST).

We also hold limited-time offer for Zaif token holders; we have special bonus plan for Zaif token holders if you purchase more than 3,000 CMS on Zaif-denominated transfer. The bonus is additional 2% on your purchase price.

Don't miss a chance!

Please find the details at "how to participate to COMSA token sale" page and in COMSA video manual. Direct link to video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KQcwXJIhOgI

=====Points to Note=====
・Customers can participate in the Token Sale from the COMSA Token Sale Dashboard. https://tokensale.comsa.io/

Transfers with ZAIF tokens are also possible in addition to BTC, ETH and XEM in the Token Sale.
There will be no administrative charges incurred when transferring from Zaif Exchange.
Please take this opportunity to register with us for those who do not have an account as it takes time to open one with identify verification.
Zaif exchange: http://zaif.jp/

Please read the white paper for further information about COMSA
En, Jp, Id, Ru: http://www.comsaindonesia.com/p/comsa-whitepaper-rev11-download.html

We ask for your kind understanding that it takes a long time to reply to every emails since we have received an avalanche of questions.

We advise you to join the COMSA Telegram community that has 3,000 participants.
The community support to each other.

*** Important Notice ***

■ Be careful with illegal agents
You should be very careful with fake agents who say advantageous conditions such as offering special price for COMSA token. It is exclusive to legally-permitted investment funds that can take charge of the assets of more than one person and buy tokens. It is also included in the terms that those acts are prohibited. In the case we find such fraud or illegal behavior, we will close agent’s account(s) and will not distribute any tokens to them. As a result, the users of those agents could not get tokens quite possibly. There is also possibility of fraud of taking charge of the assets from users and not distributing tokens. Please note in advance that we are unable to support or respond to the users who did not get COMSA token directly through our pre-sale or COMSA token sale.
Please avoid third parties prohibited by the law or the terms and purchase COMSA tokens directly at our pre-sale or token sale.

■ Be careful with inducements inflaming price increase
Please understand participation in COMSA pre-sale or token sale is not investment but token purchase. So, you must be careful with inducements to buy COMSA tokens inflaming price increase. We never advocate token price increase or soaring nor we provide assurance. When you purchase tokens, please understand the risk that the token price could decline after purchase.

We hope for your continued support and patronage.
Thank you.

COMSA Support Center /Tech Bureau, Corp
Operating Hours: 10.00-18.00 / Monday-Friday

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